The Spectres are the enforcement wing of the Wardens of Cerberus. Within the Wardens opinions on the Spectres vary, but most houses view them as a boarder-line rogue agency. Only a combination of consistent results and internal secrecy has kept the order active.

The Spectres currently function as a decentralized agency with members engaging mission activities that resonate with group or personal goals. The order’s ultimate mission is to bring about social, economic and political change to Vigil for the purpose of uplifting humanity.

Although the Specters have counted amongst their number names such as Malek, and Sabrine the order is much smaller since the harrowing.

The Spectres have currently ceased recruiting through the Necropolis Orphanage and handle all recruiting and training themselves. The current roster includes:


Barduk is currently under training and evaluation to become a Spectre.
Brooks has been extended an open invitation to the order but currently declines the offer.


Vigil Violus