Ghosts of House's Past

We further discussed our options regarding the “what to do with all the people in the house” situation. Arguments ranged from merely admitting that we had no valid reason to kill anyone, all the way to kill everyone including Loraine Davidson.

Abbey decided to fuck all the noise and just hacked off Greta’s head. No qualms there, but she then chose to start showing it off like a trophy to other people. I ducked into another room with Subtle to kill the Preston douche. It was a bit less clean. While Abbey continued her rampage, I ducked out to try to keep Edna from being killed – she was clearly the victim in this entire story.

However, Abbey’s rampage brought her to the cook, where she almost willy-nilly shoved a dagger in his neck. He swatted her away like a proverbial gnat. Battle ensued, and he ended up trying to run away. We tracked him down but made a scene in the streets as I threw acid on him. (Ha! There’s a fun sentence!)

Everyone got the bizarre idea to hack all the hearts together and make a sort of butchered heart. I used the time to try to keep Edna safe by disguising her as Greta. The plan was working great, but instead of just bringing a bunch of heart pieces from each person we killed, the gang decided to just throw everyone’s hearts into a large pile. I hacked one of them in half to try to hide the deception.

Ultimately it was Harolde who figured out my chicanery. Instead of being his normal aloof self, who rarely inputs anything to the party’s decision making, he decided to take it upon himself to begin reciting the arguments made from what seemed like months ago. He then immediately took it upon himself to murder her.

The deeds being done, Abbey apparently mushed all the hearts together using some sort of weird thing, and Loraine ate the bastardized heart. We got the house, and the ghosts that will haunt it.



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