Fighting Crime In Prime Time!

Subtle's account of the 3-4 year montage.

Subtle’s Notes:

With Scarlet free of Zanzar Tem’s prison our first order of business was boons. Without delay I spent mine having Scarlet retrieve Abby and bring her home healthy safe and sound. When Abby arrived we briefed her on the goings on of the past couple months, Malek’s death, Sabrine, Sampson etc.

Having realized that I got the coolest thing from my boon everyone else buried theirs in their pockets. Scarlet would prefer we use our boons as quickly as possible as each service she provides us unlocks a portion of her father’s power from the rift. According to her, her father will not be able to hold the far side of the rift from the armies of hell unless the power trapped in the rift can be released. Until our boons are spent ‘one of the places [she’ll] be’ is by our side.

With the crew back together we decided to celebrate with some good ol’ fashioned crime fighting. We skulked the night streets doing my usual night rounds and found a small pack of Dandies messing with some citizens of the Necropolis district. Fighting happened. Dandies died. Interestingly one of the Dandies killed himself by clawing his own face off after getting some of Abby’s blood on him. When all targets were neutralized I cut from them each their left hand to mark our kills. Abby took from them each a long strip of skin which would have been more troubling except I was already hacking hands off. It turns out if you raise your kids in a crypt they tend to feel indifferent about playing with corpses.

When we got back to the Necropolis, Abby had decided she wanted to do some experiments with her blood to try to determine if there was a link between getting her blood on a Dandy and that Dandy killing himself with face clawing action. The rat we put her blood on tried to kill itself. Worried, Abby became desperate to understand all she could about how her blood had become a hard counter to life. A few days later we planed an excursion to Dandies territory. Sneaking into a house where our enemies lay in rest we executed all but one in their sleep, and tied the last in his chair. When he woke the talk was short before Abby’s blood was smeared across the mans face. Just like the rat, the man lurched in his bonds, testing the strength of the chair, in some ill attempt to claw his own face off. After about a minute or so he calmed down but was unable to put into words what he had just experienced. So he got another dose. By the end of the night we had not much more information than when we had set out, but we had two shiny new left hands, the first two to have been plucked from Dandy territory.

Having enjoyed crime fighting so much we decided to make a thing of it. Our nightly raids on the seedy underbelly of our once proud district culminated in the Dandies learning to stay off our turf and the local citizenry growing more and more willing to defend themselves and each other. I kept taking hands, but eventually Abby stopped taking strips of flesh. She had them tanned and made into armor.

A short time after my 15th birthday Brooks informed us that we had been invited to a meeting of the houses of the Wardens of Cerberus. Since Malek’s death we not only made up all of the members of Special Reconnaissance and Tactics, but also represented the Specters to the Houses of Cerberus. Brooks advised us to avoid going to the meeting until we were willing to reveal our identities to the houses. We decided not to go. When Brooks got back from the meeting he stated that Sabrine had become the head of the House of Eyes and most of the lesser houses had fallen in line under her command.

Our home in the catacombs would no longer be safe.



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