Wardens of Cerberus

The wardens were the once great protectors of humanity in the city of Vigil. Their name is presumably taken from the ancient statue of a three headed hound that stands at the gates of The Necropolis. The group was formed well over a hundred years ago to protect the secrets within the necropolis and maintain the grounds. This put them at odds with a number of powers within the city that would exploit and plunder the treasures laid to rest there. By necessity, their influence spread throughout the city, and they found themselves indirectly championing the downtrodden and building an extensive underground network that spanned the entire city.

Twenty years ago their power was decimated during their attack on the Cult of Locus. They were successful in stopping the cultists, but their losses were too great to maintain their hold on the city. Over the years smaller groups, mostly gangs and thugs, have risen in the absence and now control various sectors within the city.

What remains of the warden’s power within the city is a subject of some debate. The grounds of The Necropolis remain protected, as do the various structures that reside on the grounds. The most notable of the structures is The House of Pillars, an opulent manor compound converted into an orphanage by the wardens.

On occasion, some of the more reprehensible citizens of the city who manage to otherwise escape justice will be found dead in the street with the warden’s sigil carved onto their broken forms. Sometimes the supposed witnesses to these murders claim that the attacker was some form of undead monster complete with funerary wrappings risen from the necropolis to avenge the living. This is most likely a fabrication, and the more likely cause is simply vigilante justice done under the guise of warden activity. This would be just one example of how the wardens are still viewed by many as protectors of the people, even after two decades of relative inactivity.


Wardens of Cerberus

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