The Necropolis

The Necropolis is the seat of power for a once powerful organization known as the Wardens of Cerberus.

The majority of the district is dominated by a large cemetery. Within the cemetery are an orphanage and an entrance to the labyrinth of catacombs beneath the surface.

The rest of the district includes an intermediate socioeconomic zone between The Slums and a more wealthy district. The homes are respectable and many of them have views overlooking the cemetery.

Harolde has taken it upon himself to become an expert of the catacombs. Some time after “Scarlet” was freed from Zanzar Tem’s circle the already labyrinthine catacombs began to shift in structure making them even harder to navigate. From the upper levels a passage to the Cobblers House in the Slums can be found.

Subtle has taken it upon himself to become an expert on the Necropolis above ground, including the streets, rooftops, interiors of most residences, and habits of the citizenry.

The Necropolis

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