the great march of the sleepwalkers

Spectres Notes:

This Event is Often Referenced as ‘The Harrowing’ by the Spectres.

Durring this event the Spectres, Abby, Bing, Harolde, Subtle, and Tobias sleep-walked with their families to the brink of destruction. The children were saved by the Wardens of Cerberus but their families, were apparently lost.

The notes of Razul Al-Resah:

16 years ago there was an event that shaped the political and sociological landscape of Vigil ever since. In an unprecedented assault against the citizens of our great city, certain members of the Cult of Locus enacted a powerful ritual that drew hundreds of sleeping families from their homes and sent them plummeting into the Breach. Families from all tiers of Vigil’s social ladder seemingly sleepwalked to the edge and together jumped in. It is assumed by most who know about such things that this was the catalyst for some sort of great infernal ritual. Thankfully it would seem that the ritual was not completed, thanks to the intervention of the once great Wardens of Cerberus.

Sadly, the wardens were too late to save the nearly one thousand souls from the breach, but they did engage in a battle with the three members of the Cult of Locus that seemed to be overseeing the event. At great cost, the wardens slew one of the cultists. The other two, having not seen one of their number die in over a millenia, retreated. When the battle was over, most of the wardens lay dead or dying of one horrific infernal magic or another. To this day the Wardens remain a shadow of their former power.

In the weeks that followed mobs of grieving citizens would form around the citadels held by the Cult of Locus. Few possessed the courage and the means to storm the gates. Of the several hundred souls that stormed the citadels, one returned alive. He currently resides in Dr Nicely’s Asylum.

Since this event the Cult of Locus hasn’t been heard from. Their citadels remain shut. Their agents no longer operate in the open. The only evidence of their activity within the city is that unholy humming that sometimes issues forth from one citadel or another. Anyone who tries to contact them is never heard from again.

the great march of the sleepwalkers

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