The Ascended

The ascended are some of the greatest artists and engineers living today. Painters, sculptors, singers, dancers, acrobats, actors, tailors, engineers, storytellers, architects, lovers…. well you get the idea. Creators of all kinds. They are the walking embodiments of human inspiration, and they are the lapdogs of the Sera.

When a great person of note enters into their prime, they are sometimes approached by a member of the Sera. They are given the choice to sever all ties to their former lives and continue to perfect their craft in one of the various ascended enclaves that exist within and without the city.

The advantages of living within one of these enclaves are numerous. Firstly, being of ascended design and make, the structures themselves are exceedingly lavish. They are populated, as previously mentioned, by some of the finest examples of our species. There is no disease or hunger behind the compound walls and they are guarded by the sera themselves.

Not all of their splendor is focused inward, however. Quite to the contrary, in fact. The majority of their gifts are shared with all fair citizens of Vigil. There are a great number of opulent structures sprinkled throughout our city where the ascended may share their various talents with us rabble. Often times a number of these events are free of charge, particularly theatrical performances and concerts. Most people of the city love them for this. They love the ascended, though often through thinly veiled jealousy, and they love the sera for empowering them. These people would say that one need only look around to see how they enrich our lives and our city. These people are fools.

The sera steal from us our best and brightest. They remove from us, with surgical precision and reptilian indifference, our greatest minds and bodies. Would we not be further enriched if these people were still a part of our communities? They take from us our sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, and closest friends.

They took from me my wife. When I first committed to writing this chapter I wasn’t going to disclose that particular personal fact. I thought that perhaps it would discredit my deep biases against the sera by revealing the source of my reservoir of enmity and perhaps it does. But I am writing this tome to reveal to you the truth, and reveal it I have. The sera have stolen from me my heart. Much more than that, in fact. But know that as they have stolen from me the candle that lit my life, so have they stolen from you all.

The sera harvest from us, just like the cult of locus do.

The Ascended

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