South Pier

southpierweb.jpgThe great harbor of Vigil City is divided into two parts; the north and the south. The North Pier is known for its finely cobble stoned streets, interesting variety of merchants and residents on ships as wells as in brick and mortar edifices, and majestic view of the harbor. The South Pier is most renowned for the cacophony of assaulting odors that assault you as you carefully navigate the colorful piles of refuse littered throughout it’s streets.

The majority of the city’s seafood comes through the south pier.

The fact that the majority of the city’s seafood comes through the South Pier should be a horrific fact that terrifies everyone. A large number of people working in the South Pier appear to be zombie-like in nature. This news was discovered by the New Spectres after a botched stake-out of some sort of mysterious warehouse where maniacal individuals apparently perform horrendous experiments on people that leave worms inside their bodies.

Known Fences:

South Pier

Vigil malistroi