There are less that 100 sera who exist on our world. For such a limited race of beings, their influence is great indeed. The most immediately apparent effect on our own city would be The Ascended. The Ascended are humans who are hand selected by the Sera to live among them and perfect whatever it was that made him or her stand out to it in the first place. Many of mankind’s finest specimens receive this honor, and it is a source of some contention to some of the less fortunate.

Their structures within the city and abroad, often designed by ascended architects and craftsmen, push and sometimes confound our understanding of architecture. They are among the most beautiful monuments in the city or anywhere else.

The Sera, enigmatic to a fault, haven’t spoken for themselves since the infernal war. They choose instead to speak through their entourage of ascended. They usually carry with them what appears to be a broken sword, but is in fact a sword that has been forged from a shard of the god and patriarch’s sword, which was shattered when he abandoned them to our world.

There are many who are understandably fascinated by these mysterious beings. They are beautiful, graceful, and have been known to protect humans in time of need, particularly if the humans in question are ascended. Indeed, their sponsorship has shaped and improved our city beyond anything though previously possible. However, do not mistake them for one of us. Their motivations and desires are completely alien. We are nothing more than pieces on a board to them, and they care nothing for us outside of our roles in their machinations. In their pursuit of these goals they can actually be exceedingly cruel and uncaring. I have witnessed this cruelty first hand, and am forced to admit that I hate them for it.



Vigil malistroi