Evan's Easy Level Up Guide

So, fellow adventurer, you gained a level! Congratulations! Now that you’re a level higher, instead of handling situations better, we’ll be facing demons of even more power and malevolence. What the hell were you thinking?!

Anyway, you might be confused as to what you should do now that you’re a new level. Here’s a guide to help!

Be aware that your CHARACTER LEVEL and your CLASS LEVEL are two different things. If you’re level 8, that means that you might be a 4th level Rogue, a 3rd level Ranger, and a 1st level Warrior. This shouldn’t be too difficult to keep track of, however, it MIGHT cause you a problem when you’re reading the Player’s Handbook.

Classes are listed in Chapter 3.

In Vigil, your new class will likely be “Rogue”, however there may come a day when it is not.

Step 2: HP
Depending on your new class level, you’ll get HP. A rogue gains 1d6; a wizard gains 1d4; a fighter gains 1d10; a barbarian gains 1d12… blah blah blah. Look it up. This is outlined in Chapter 3 of the Player’s Handbook.

Based on your class, you probably gained an increase in “Base Attack Bonus”, “Saving Throws”, and maybe you even gained “a random ability”. You will find all of this information listed in Chapter 3, “Classes”.

For example, if you are now a level 5 Rogue, flip the pdf/book open to Chapter 3, and then look for “Rogue” (probably page 49). There is a huge chart that tells you everything that a Level 5 Rogue has. Compared to a level 3 rogue, a level 4 rogue has a +1 bonus to attack, a +1 reflex, and a new ability called “Uncanny Dodge”.

Skills are listed in Chapter 4.

You gain things called “skill points” at each level. The number of skill points are determined by (1) the class you’re picking, (2) your intelligence, and (3) your race.

Human Rogues get 8 skill points + their intelligence modifier + 1 cuz they’re human. However, a Human Wizard gets 2 skill points + their int modifier + 1 cuz they’re human.

Rogues get the most, Magic users tend to get the least.

You can place these “Skill points” into the sill of your choice in order to get “skill ranks”. Depending on your class, you have “Class Skills” and “Cross Class Skills”.

Is the skill you want a …
Class Skill? To gain 1 “Rank” in a “Class Skill”, it costs 1 “Point”. REMEMBER: You can only have have 3 + your level RANKS.
Cross Class Skill? To gain 1 “Rank” in a “Cross class skill” it costs 2 “points”. REMEMBER: You can only have 3 + your level / 2 RANKS.

Feats are explained and listed in Chapter 5. (page 90)

You may or may not gain a feat when you level up. You gain feats at character levels 3, 6, 9…. and so on. You normally only get 1 feat at each 3rd level, however, some classes get bonus feats. Rogues do not. Fighters do.

Did your character just turn level 5? 10? 15? 20? If so, then you get to +1 an ability score!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

… unfortunately, to change an ability score modifier, you’ll probably need to add 2.

Is your new class a caster class? In Vigil, the answer is probably “no”. However, check to see if you get new spells etc. This should all be outlined in the “Class” section.

Evan's Easy Level Up Guide

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