Episode 4 - Sabrine? ... or SEMINE?!

Lo, after getting no where with casual conversations, Bing decided to just torture the damned,
Yellow-bellied child rapist. Ripping into his pinky finger with a paring knife seemed to suffice.
Convinced the torture was over, Abby and Subtle decided to come in after the deed was done, and,
In no small part of charm and persuasion, we learned the layout of the building, we came to learn
A great deal of information: some 30 or so people inside the building, the leader, Sampson, and,
Needless to say, that the organization runs on fear.
Receiving the info, it took three to tango. Maleck chose to go so far as to behead the man and
Even save his head for later use. We formulated a plan and went to work.
The plan went completely Turkelson, and Abby ended up getting kidnapped while the rest of us were
Utterly damaged. Sabrine – for some reason – went in to discuss a negotiation with the group to
Return Abby back to us. The deal? One unarmed Maleck. We went back to the sacred grounds with
None other than Sabrine. This was after Maleck chose to give one Harolde a key to what could only
Seem to be something important.

Brooks came to greet us and insisted that Sabrine was a spy of some sort. They got themselves into a battle, and Sabrine ended up proving herself to be one wicked bastard who wanted to kill us. We got back to the sacred grounds, at which point Sabine… er… Sabrine couldn’t follow us. Her argument didn’t add up, though: If you kill your father to save a rabbit, you don’t kill the rabbit when you’re done without an ulterior motive. She clearly is up to something.

Some Sera were about the sacred grounds and asked us some questions about where Sabine… I mean, SabRine was. They sniffed a teddy bear and left.


We went to the orphanarium where we informed Grandfather of the events that took place.

Basically, all being said and done, we have this choice on our hands: Try to bust into the Death Star guns a-blazing, or make a deal with a devil to save Maleck and Abby.

I suppose, ultimately, we could just ignore the situation, but that isn’t going to happen on my watch.

Brooks escorted us to the location of the lock of which the key opens. Inside we found lewtz.

Episode 2 - The Shackled Sera

We went on a walk with Malek in what appears to be a haunted tomb. I guess the lesson was to move silently. Those who made noises were hunted down by the wretched horrors within.

At one point, a lantern fell down, went out, and we were on our own to get out of the room alive. I barely made it – a putrid cloth brushed up against me. However, Tobias had a strange look about him, and it seemed that he got himself into trouble.

It appears as though the demon that had contacted us in our dreams was controlling him, trying to free herself. She attempted to make a deal with us all, only Subtle agreed. I ran to warn Malek, and we went with a flash. Subtle had murdered a man with his mouth by the time we arrived!

She is apparently a ‘pure bred’ Sera, or something like that. She came to the Wardens looking to hide from the Cult of Locus who apparently wants her demonic blood. My biggest concern was that she tends to eat souls. That’s not good.

She says that she taught the Wardens how to kill the members of the Cult, but apparently things backfired and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.

Her blood keeps this place safe from the Cult, but she’s in constant pain and agony. Either we should kill her or let her free.

Episode 1 - The Rugrat Years

I awoke with some poor children inside a mausoleum after a strange dream. Some people were bickering outside about what to do with us. One said that we should just be handed over to “the Cult of the Locus”. Apparently, a group of wizards came to town and murdered everyone, including our families.

An old man finally came in to let us know a little bit about what was happening. He told us the above and that we should refer to him as Grandfather. Apparently his group of people, “the Wardens of Cerberus”, took great strides to keep us alive and hide us. He informed us that Malek would be taking care of us from here out.

Curious, we opened up a sarcophagus. A skeleton was inside, but before we got a good look at it, a man came in and told us we probably shouldn’t be doing such a thing. I mistakenly called him Malek, to which he told me that his identity was none of my business.

I took the corpse’s rings and necklaces, which proved to be a less than beneficial action: incessant whining from a child who called himself Subtle about “right this” and “wrong that” and “hallowed the other thing” was only the start. The being inside came to be very interested in the missing items and wanted to scratch his way out of his tomb for days on end. Eventually I just told Malek and returned the items.

A woman came in (before we met Malek) – I believer her name was Samantha – to help care for us. Apparently her husband died and she had to bury him. This other common boy… Harolde, was it?… kept demanding toys and bears or something. Quite the whiner – he should have realized his incessant howling would drive the woman to be a bit snippy with such hardships pressing her at the time. Simple manners, really.

Malek came in and gave us our first taste of freedom. We were given food and told that we were to be trained as “spectres”. Whatever, at least it got me out of the damned room. He was the one calling shots now. He was dressed in bandages and smoked a pungent herb from his pipe. The next day was one of traps and healing. Tobias, I believe his name was, took a 2×4 to the face. Harolde did something to him and his nose seemed to set properly, although he stayed unconscious. We arrived and Malek seemed less than happy that Tobias was doing well. He left and came back with locks.

We took turns opening the locks. He came back with more and more difficult ones until we could do no more. I spent the rest of my free time meddling with the cursed items. Fascinating really! The nuts and bolts, if pressed in just the wrong way, could render the past few minutes completely worthless. Something about the way the gears and springs and twists and turns captivated me. The others said that Malek was away for hours, I didn’t even notice him missing.

To eat dinner that day, we had to open locks. While I was the better student, I proved to be less than capable in practice. Apparently the locks jammed after a wrong twist of the finger, amazing that such a device could be created. I would have loved to spend more time looking at it, but hunger set in.

The next day we learned that death can come very quietly. To get out of the door, a trap was placed inside the lock. Harolde took a prick to the face and swelled up like a balloon. I crawled down the hallway – the 2×4 came swinging over my head – and we arrived at breakfast. Abbey’s breakfast was trapped. We chose not to meddle with it, and Malek chose to open it for us.

If I wasn’t so busy eating the food, I would have just opened it myself.

Chapter 0

Sixteen years ago…

Three vaguely humanoid shapes floated silhouetted against the night sky above the abyssal maw. All around them loomed the great city of Vigil; it’s stone and brick edifices a testament to the ingenuity and perseverance of it’s inhabitants. In many of the windows surrounding the great chasm, lights were beginning to to flicker as the people awoke to witness the terrible events unfolding below.

The great tear in the earth around which the city of Vigil was built, which it’s people refer to as the breach, measures roughly fifteen hundred feet across, and is roughly circular in shape. No one has ever seen the bottom. In the cobble stoned streets approaching the chasm was a ring of over a thousand sleepwalkers, who marched slowly but deliberately inward to their doom. Around them were panicked masses of people who were trying in vain to stop them. No amount of pleading, shoving, or even attempts to maim the sleepwalkers was having any effect. It was as if their physical bodies existed in another dimension, and their friends and neighbors could do nothing but watch as they plodded forth.

Perfectly synchronized, the sleepwalkers formed a ring around the great precipice. What happened next changes based on the telling, but the following is known to be true. The infernal ritual was interrupted by the entire membership of The Wardens of Cerberus. In retaliation, the Cult of Locus loosed a torrent of infernal energies that devastated the surrounding area, and decimated the warden’s numbers. The wardens were not in time to save the sleepwalkers. Not one of the 987 sleepwalkers returned to their beds ever again. It is also believed that the wardens were actually successful in killing one of the cultists.

Of the various accountings of that night, those events remain consistent. There are some who claim that Sera were fighting on behalf of the wardens, and even a few who insist that they aided the cultists. Some reported having seen a twisted version of the tower rising up from the breach. Some of those who are said to have seen it that night claim that its architecture closely resembled that of some of the more stately ascended compounds. There are even a small number who will tell you that Dr Nicely personally attended the event, and returned to his asylum with a handful of fresh patients.

Many or all of these accountings are most likely the embellishments of a confused or attention seeking minority. Whats certain is that the infernal ritual, whatever it’s purpose, was ruined by the wardens of cerberus. They paid a heavy price, and their influence has been reduced to almost nothing throughout our city. The organizations that have risen to take their place are nothing more than petty street gangs and thugs. The Guard continues to protect the very rich and corrupt, but without the wardens to balance them they are nothing more than hired mercenaries.


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