The Death of Sabrine and Reunion with Brooks
Subtle's Notes

The plan went off without a hitch, Sabrine was slain as she relaxed in her chair at the Sleeping Dog Corner Club. From a flicker of shadow Malek slit her throat as we made small talk at her arrival.

Her head in a box, we marched to Loraine Davidson‘s house to bestow the good news and negotiate the renewal and expansion of our real estate development deal. A terms were swiftly struck and we were invited to dinner to witness the horrible fate of Sabrine’s head. Loraine, during dinner, unboxed the semi fresh Sabrine and brought her to life. The snarling, disembodied head was frightened and angry. Loraine proceeded then to secure Sabrine in a chest and ordered a servant to “bury her in the basement.” The guests seemed unaccustomed to this sort of behavior from Loraine, and proceeded to ruin the evening by being awkward and trying to escape.

Loraine told us after dinner who Brooks was sold to. We took a trip down to the South Pier where a group of boats were anchored and docked to each other. Boat Town, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Our first night started with wide eyed dreams of saving slaves and Brooks but ended in multiple homicide and explosions. After making some contacts and resting up we returned to discover that Boat Town was on high alert. We decided to talk to Loraine to get more information on the place. She invited us to come watch gladiatorial slave combat aboard the Captains ship. Brooks was the finale battle. Bound in chains and entombed in an iron mask, Brooks bested his opponent, a mountain of a man, without his sight or hearing.

During the partys preceding and after the fight we made contacts so we could return without Loraine. Upon our return we hooked up with a man who organizes the fights. Serendipitously, this man, nick named The Blade, was a member of the The House of Eyes, and was willing to help if he could use us as a reference if Malek ever decided to force him to bargain for his life. With the Blade’s help we gained an audience with the Captain. Bing bought Brooks back from the Captain for the Sera Signet ring he had found in their compound, if you know what I mean.

Sad news too. Zoe is dead, slain by her sister Marta who may have been possessed by the Witch. Barduk sold Marta a tooth from the iron jaw we pulled from the Witch prior to the indecent. I failed to follow up because I believed Zoe’s gift to give her the insight to protect her self. Similarly Abby‘s come ill. The night of the fight she tried opium, I only discouraged her lightly. I failed to prevent her from getting her hands on Malek’s old stash. She threw a fit when she smoked it convulsing and passing out.

Dear Diary

Dear Diary-

Miss Netta told me that I should keep a diary to talk about my days and nights and the bad dreams I’ve been having. She secretly thinks that lots of the stories I tell aren’t real, that my sister Myrta isn’t real, that I make up stories about the places that are under us here at the pillar house. She thinks that if I write about these things in here it will be easy for me to separate fact from fiction. Still, it was nice of her to give me the diary and the pens, so I will write in it anyways.

I’ve made some new friends here, even though I don’t get to play with them as often as I wish. I spend so much time in school, having brain talks with Cordelia (She pretends to be two people but she is really just one), and taking care of Myrta that all of my time gets all gobbled up! I think Myrta is sad after spending all those days and days with the witch. She just sits in the corner of our room like a squirrel and watches me sleep or study. Sometimes she disappears and comes back with old books that she says she found in the cat combs. She made me promise a long time ago not to read her thoughts but sometimes it’s hard to keep that promise because I am so worried. And people here don’t seem to even see her! But she says she likes it that way. I hope she gets better soon. Her laughing was one of my favorite noises. Also tree frogs.

Sometimes I watch my friends the specters. One of them can even have brain talks with me sometimes, but Cordelia says he is mostly a mover. Then there is Abbey, I can’t see her thoughts but I can tell she is very very sad and scared, even when she is smiling. I wish I could tell her to cheer up because she is going to be reunited with her brother soon! He misses her so much I can tell. Just a little bit ago they were trying to help people on a town made out of boats! There are lots of bad men in the boaty town, and a few bad things that look like men but aren’t.

In the boaty town they got their friend Elaine to show them around. Lots of the people there are scared of her, and they had lots of people watching them. They stood around and talked with people in fancy hats in a fancy boat bar, and were eventually shown into a place on the big boat that is harder for me to see. They had to watch people hurt each other for a long time before they got to see their friend Brooks, who danced on the head of a big scary man. Then the men took him into a jail cell and gave him food.

That reminds me that I should sneak down to the kitchen and get some food for Myrta. She isn’t here right now, but I hope it will make her happy to have some bread and cheese waiting for her when she gets back. Hopefully it will make her feel better and I will get to hear her laugh!

The Siblings Abby

Subtle’s notes:

Abby spoke to me in a dream again. She has split and one of her was coming back to the city. She just needed someone to open a door for her. The event was scheduled for the night of the new moon so we had time to kill so we decided to take a field trip out to a nicer part of town to do some window shopping. We picked a mark and once in the window we were treated to an cornucopia of jewelry, perfumes, and dresses. Moments into the heist a visitor came to the door whistling a familiar tune. Abby’s song, my fears were confirmed. Only a few days had passed since Zoe’s warning of Abby’s Brother and now was our chance to meet him. When the door was answered all that could be heard were the wet, crunchy sounds of slow, terrible murder. An ambush was carefully laid and we listened to his slow footsteps, but our prey made clear that he had no intentions of falling into any traps. He instead went about loudly torturing a new member of the house in an attempt to draw us out. It almost worked but my party mates chickened out so we quietly left.

In the day or so left over we rehearsed our set up and plan for the Davidson job.

The night of the no moon we ventured as planned to Samson’s door to open it for Abby. Harolde decided to abstain from the trip because he no longer trusts Abby. The door opened and out poped Abby naked as the day she was born. Good thing I had recently stolen a dress in her size….

Finishing off the witch
and planning for the future.

….as the skeletons went down the house took off flying presumably with Malek inside. We wandered through the woods trying to find the house. Finding Zoe instead, she said she knew where the house was but would need to pack some things to make our way there.

Taking her and her sister we walked off for 3 days to the north east. Walking upon a pillar of ruins that is apparently an old battle site. According to Zoe, the ghosts make people go crazy. According to the grey man, the spirits worshiped a being of great vanity whose gaze could drive men to madness. Sometimes the grey man would see mad men walk through the forest to the ruins, but they never came back..scary. So we avoided the ruins and traveled some more. Eventually we come upon the house on a hill deep in swampy woods.

We entered the home reluctantly. The house was twisted and confusing. We stumbled upon the missing little sister, Marda.
She had obviously been tortured and a little brain washed. We cut her ropes lose. Wandered around the maze for awhile until we came upon a circle of stones in a clearing.

The stones began to talk, it was the witch. She attempted to negotiated with us to leave her alone if she left everyone in our party alone. However, She didn’t seem to want to leave the grey man alone. So Justin taunted her causing her to come out of the shadows and attack him. A fight ensued. Upon killing her we appeared outside, some place for away. We built a fire and burned her corpse.

Zoe said we were far away and led us to Malek, he was in a hole. We pulled him out of the hole and began the hike home. On the way we summoned the grey man. Harolde and Bing hung out with the grey man learning about him and his forest. The grey man is not the only custodian out there but he didn’t really have much to say about the others. The grey man showed Harolde how to summon him in the future, in case he was needed. After a few days of talking about his awesome powers we headed back to the little house.

Justin decided we should gain two more orphans. Zoe and Marda took up the offer and joined us at the orphanage. We stopped by the blacksmith on the way back for Justin to custom order some stuff. We stopped at the bar and then wandered into Dandy town.

Dandy town was getting cleaned up. Flora plans to execute Cyril…

After that we had some discussions on how to best kill Sabrine. The best plan was to get her to come to our bar where we would ambush her with Malek.

Starting on the Witch

With the Cult of the Child of Light more or less defeated the Spectres had a chance to sift through the surviving prisoners. One of the prisoners was the blacksmiths wife’s husband, The Blacksmith! The Spectre’s decided to walk him home. The mining district is closer to Barduk‘s home than the Necropolis so our hero’s traveled there to find out more about their mysterious friend.

What they discovered startled everyone, including Barduk. Scarecrows, identical to those that had attacked our heros previously. More interestingly it seemed as though the village had grown 20 years older in his absence. In their quest for answers the Spectres discovered two major players in town, the family Liddle, and a woman who became known as the Witch. The witch was of little value and the Liddles little more. So a plan was devised to break into house Liddle. After an exhaustive search our heros stumbled upon Zoe Liddle, the youngest of the sisters Liddle and apparently the speaker of the house. After a telling conversation the Spectres mistakenly dismissed the girl as just a girl with creepy powers and asked her to make sure her older sisters got in touch with them. After a tense meeting with one of the older sisters we met again with Zoe. After a long walk in the woods and a talk with The Grey Man the pieces were beginning to fall into place. Barduk had been a woodsman years ago but had since died and be recreated by the witch. It is likely that his original design was subverted when he was sent to aid us. By similar process the witch had been animating scarecrows to send as assassins. Bing, The Grey Man and Zoe, each independently confirmed that the witch was a threat to humanity and nature itself So an ambush was devised and sprung.

The witch was a fearsome and terrible enemy not only to gaze upon, or to waft odors from, but in that her vice like jaw was lined with sharp metal teeth and her house came alive and ate Malek. After a long grizzly battle both sides were looking ill for the decisions that had gotten them into this situation, when suddenly the witch disappeared into the ground and skeletons grew up from the ground. The Specters engaged the Skeletons!

The Child of Light
Neither a child nor of light, discuss...

With Brooks apparently beyond our reach we decided we were overdue for our Saintsbridge preparations. As our favorite way to be is unseen we decided to begin our survey with the labyrinthine sewer system below the streets.

The maps scribed by Harolde appear previous to this log entry.

Under streets teeming with maddened citizens were tunnels reflecting the condition of the surface in macabre fashion. Half eaten bodies, distant screams, a hall of skulls. The first night we discovered a waterfall. Conducting the usual tests on the dark, watery hole, we were surprised when a scroll tube was tossed up from the darkness. Inside was a crumpled canvas, a painting, one of the paintings Brooks had been charged with selling. Excitement at finding our friend at last emboldened our efforts. In minutes we had an impaled Brooks out of the waterfall and into the sewer. Rather, we had a creature who appeared to be Brooks. The doppelganger’s guise was convincing until we began talking. He apologized for the ruse and identified himself. He had been exiled by his people to the cave we found him in after he had a disagreement with his clan leader and had spent decades or more in the hole. Thinking that a shape-shifter might be a useful friend we decided to put him up at The House of Pillars.

Eventually we discovered tunnels leading directly into the under-structure of the Saint’s Bridge. At first we discovered a long forgotten tower access to one of the highest vantages in the city, exciting at first but then we discovered the back door to our target’s lair. We explored the home of our enemy until we were chased out by the captives we’d freed.

Our second day of explorations taught us something interesting. A time dilatation similar to that of the Silent Gardens District seems to grip the sewers under Saintsbridge. Citizens are hunted and murdered by entities outside of normal time and seem to relive the events days later. Trophies mark the victims, balls of their own hair found in the mouth.

We felt the confidence we needed to ask Flora to prepare for her first, and hopefully last, salty retort to Brother Gregory. She asked for four days to prepare and mobilize her army.

In the down time we pulled off an impromptu heist in a clockwork district known as the Mezzanine. The account appears subsequent to this telling in the log.

The battle for the sovereignty of Dandy Town was almost disappointingly simple thanks in no small part to our shadow-sister, Abby. In the finish Gregory escaped despite our efforts, confused and ponderous about our ability to evade his defenses.

More mapping
to the same place


Brooks is that you?
Betrayed again!


Scarlett has a soul
Abbie is evil? or good?

We killed a bunch of warehouse zombies, which were apparently controlled by brains that were somehow connected to Subtle’s parents. Then Subtle was able to talk to the Cornelia-skeleton-lady with his brain…

… yeah.

In the process, Ranger-dude got shit spewed in his face. We should probably look into that.

Going further, We couldn’t figure out how to save Abbie yet, so we went back to base and licked our wounds. We talked with Scarlett, and it turns out that she has a soul, and does NOT eat souls. She also un-bound Grandfather from this realm, and so he’s probably getting proverbially ass-raped by whatever might want to be proverbially ass-raping him.

There is no place like home
Wishing we had a pair of ruby slippers

With three wagons full of ore the party ventured forth back to Dandy town. On the yellow brick road the party was confronted by four scarecrow like figures. Bing wasn’t feeling himself that night and so the battle was much harder than it should have been. Upon searching the debris of straw and sticks four names Bing, Harolde, Subtle, and Barduk were found written in cursive on pieces of paper tacked to one of the sticks that held up each scarecrow. Nobody knew the handwriting.

After licking their wounds at a local inn and side stepping a Sabrine distraction they found their way back to Flora. Some talking happened and some things were said. (Subtle, do you remember?)

Billy Blubaugh had the bar up and running with a pretty happening scene. It has yet to be seen if this is just the new hip joint or if he has the gumption to make it last. So far so good on the home front though. Times were busy so the party didn’t have a chance to stop by the orphanage to make sure Mrs. Oliver made it, besides Brooks had been neglected long enough.

The group meandered down to the docks, the last place they knew Brooks to be. A bar keep with a bribe spilled the beans on The Eye’s interest in Brooks, however the bar keep didn’t know where Brooks went. For some reason Subtle wanted to investigate a warehouse that supposedly had a giant brain inside (where do you come up with these things?).

With some investigation it was found that sick humans were visiting the warehouse. Harolde thought it would be best to scope the place out from the rooftop. The climb to the roof didn’t go unnoticed. Shortly after making it up there things started to move. Not liking the idea of being surrounded again Barduk climbed down with everyone following. As the group snuck away from the warehouse a man in a top hat came outside. Subtle being as persuasive as he could tried to talk the man down. Apparently the man had some ability to make Subtle fly! A fight with the zombie like creatures ensued. Eventually Subtle and Harolde found themselves behind shut door inside the warehouse surrounded by four zombies with an invisible top hat man some where!


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