Journal of General Olivander

A Steelbound Book


The journal is written by General Olivander. The general is a stern man. He hates the risks he asked his men to take but must defeat these demons for all of humanity, even if it kills him. His men respect him and are willing to die for the cause also. The journal reads as if it was written by one man, the general, but the writing looks like it was written by twelve different people over the course of many lifetimes.

The journal focuses on the war and the main focus is the huge black tower. Some of the tactics used such as the Sera mostly managed the north and the Cult mostly managed the south. The journal also mentions the lack of cooperation between the humans, the Sera, and the cult of locus. The Sera did attempt to coordinate with Olivander through a Sera named Igna of whom Olivander respected.

To help avoid being cutoff from supplies the Sera built a massive bridge, called the saints bridge, spanning across the east side of the battle ground. They also constructed massive towers guarding this bridge from which they channeled some sort of spell that shielded the area. Using this shield they were able to resupply without much challenge from the cult or the demons.

This went on for many years until some creatures, that appeared to come from the Sera camp, assaulted the black tower directly. The assault on the tower was able to slow down the demon attacks. The world was being saved.

Eventually a man, whom the men seemed to respect, emerged from the tower. He was carrying a sword and wore simple armor. With the war almost over the cult of locus attacked the Sera and this mysterious man stood against them alone. After repelling the cult of locus the sword the man carried was shattered into hundreds of pieces. The Sera gathered these pieces and reconstructed the sword which turned out to be massive, nearly a hundred feet long.

The journal ends abruptly, is there a part two?


Thoughts, it isn’t obvious from the passage which tower the hero man came from. It also isn’t clear what happened to the man after the battle. Nor is it clear what the creatures that came from the Sera camp are.

Additional comments, the general didn’t mention anything in the journal about the general’s family. The defensive towers that are near the bridge were changed to the giant sculptures. If the mysterious man is still alive, he would be worth finding to help combat the cult of locus.

Journal of General Olivander

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