Zanzar Tem

The stories about him are greatly exagerated.


Though stories of his exploits are likely whispered in dark rooms from time to time throughout the city, the Spectre’s actually know very little about him.

He constructed the circle the wardens used to imprison Scarlet, and shortly after the harrowing was committed to Dr. Nicely’s Asylum. He was recently rescued from the asylum by the Spectre’s and has not been seen since.

Bing was given a device and told that it was to summon the Sera to his location should he ever encounter Tem again. Recently, Indigo, informed the Spectre’s that the device is in fact a scrying device.

Writer’s Note (Subtle):
Given what the Spectres have witnessed of Tem’s ability with magic wards, circles, etc., it is likely that the following excerpt from the notes of Razul Al-Resah is a description of none other than Zanzar Tem:

In the weeks that followed [the harrowing] mobs of grieving citizens would form around the citadels held by the Cult of Locus. Few possessed the courage and the means to storm the gates. Of the several hundred souls that stormed the citadels, one returned alive. He currently resides in Dr Nicely’s Asylum.

Zanzar Tem

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