The Constable


Around the Necropolis District are several other districts, identified by who robs the innocent.

In the Slums they rob from each other.

In Dandy territory Dandies rob people.

In the slightly nicer area thugs dressed as City Watch shake down the citizenry.

We only know of him by reputation, and at that we know very little.
It is currently assumed that ‘The Constable’ holds the leash on this third group.

The Spectres have had at least 3 near miss run-ins with the Constable but have managed to avoid coming face to face with him. The first was while on a job for Lorraine Davidson, when a spat of violence spilled out into the street the citizenry needed to be calmed from calling ‘The Constable’. The second was when Subtle was helping a bug infested Abby through the streets and the two were forced to disappear after making a scene in someone’s front yard fountain. And the third came as Bing and Subtle had to bribe their way past the guard when transporting an unconscious Flora to the abandoned library near the docks.

Now there is a fourth. In the bar the Wardens own, Malek killed Sabrine in a single gruesome attack. People shouted “Let’s get out of here before the Constable comes!!”

Persons found by the City Watch, unable to pay bribes or (presumably) caught committing a crime are branded on the neck and tossed in a labor colony for the duration of the sentence.

The Constable is likely nothing more than a manifestation of the poor people who seek justice in this city, where there really is none. There are many stories about him, the most common themes are that he was a plague doctor during “the Great Plague” a century or so ago. Some people during this time period were a bit irresponsible, and their carelessness (some sick people perhaps went into healthy areas, etc) increased the problems of others. The Constable murdered them savagely.

For a long time, and even today, people believe that he might jump out of the shadows to punish those who commit minor infractions.

Some people DO, however, turn up dead, and people DO claim to see a raspy breathing fellow in a beat up plague doctor uniform.

The Constable

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