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I am the Sera chained under the hallowed grounds. I’m a bit different than the Sera, I’m much more pure-bred. I came to the Wardens looking for a chance to hide away from the Cult of Locus who wanted to kill me for my blood.

Indeed, I eat souls to live. This is why the Wardens chained me here in my horrible, tortured condition. I promised the Wardens a way to defeat the Cult in exchange for a release. They took my advice, killed one cult member, but almost all of the ‘sleep walkers’.

The Cult of Locus seems to be trying to summon the power of my father (After all, it is my blood that sanctifies the grounds). Indeed, they DID attempt to summon my father’s power, however I saw the chance to get out of hell and see some new scenery.

Upon being freed, thanks to Zanzar Tem and the Spectres, I have been working with the Spectres – loosely. They were granted powers upon the Cult’s attempt to summon my father’s power, and I’m out to get those powers.

Subtle gave me his to help his friend Abbey – and despite seeing this I find Humanity to be revolting. Abbey used hers to help her friend Subtle.

IT seems that whenever I gain a boon, I’m much less helpful than I was before.

Tobias and Harolde still have theirs. I just might be scheming to ‘motivate’ them to use theirs…

When Scarlet chooses to appear to you she seems noticeably younger than other Sera you meet. Also, when Sera address you(if they deign to do so at all), they do so with a general sense of aloofness. Scarlet however looks at you very intently, her eyes move over you quickly and drink in your every quirk and mannerism. When not addressing you she watches you intently even still, and her expression conveys a sense of disgust, or perhaps even jealousy.


Scarlet ""

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