Bought Harolde's love with a teddy bear and then stepped on his heart when she sided with a demon to try to kill us because she was crazy-insane or insane-crazy.


I want the Spectres dead. I sabotaged the Wardens because I was sour that my husband was murdered by the Cult’s summoning spell — by risking the lives of the Wardens, the new Spectres were saved, thus sabotaging a Cultist attempt to summon a Demon-God’s power (Scarlett’s father) that holds hell’s enemies at the gates to our world.

My latest attempt was with “the house of the watchers”. Some guy that has been spying on the Spectres was waiting in the basement. He generously gave the Spectres a free looking glass and some money! As the Spectres came down to talk to him, I came down to attack the Spectres. They got away, but it was quite a difficult process for them. One almost died, and the other almost didn’t get away. Luckily for them, someone was shooting me with a bow.



Vigil Violus