Food bowl still full?!


I’m the dude that the new Spectres are suspicious of.

It turns out that they shouldn’tve been suspicious of me. I’m the one who called out Sabrine for being a traitorous demon-monkey and was right. I also fought Sabrine in the streets, and somehow survived. Then, after trying to take on the biggest burliest Sampson guy, I managed to survive despite my obvious deficiencies in fighting relative to my target. Together with the Spectres, we nuked “the Dandies’” hideout. Malek was also suspicious of me to the bitter end.

The suspicions seem to stem from the fact that I survive some of the more dangerous situations around. I walked away from a fight with Sabrine and a fight with Samson — I was clearly losing both fights, and they both wanted me dead.

As of now, I’m likely investigating the brain warehouse on the suggestion of the Spectres.



Vigil EvanGRogers