Flora is 2-3 years younger than Subtle and as sharp as she is pretty. Her crafty and scheming nature led the Spectres to determine that she and her family would be untrustworthy.


Flora is the daughter of the now deceased Cobbler who lived in The Slums. She seemed to have been in the early stages of either joining or starting her own criminal organization before she was neutralized by the Spectres.

Before her criminal dealings were fully uncovered she had been chosen by Subtle, for her physical beauty and mental nimbleness, to be a gift to Cordelia. Flora was presented to Cordelia before her full story could be gleaned but Flora had inside knowledge of The Dandies operation and may have had dealings with The House of Eyes. Despite discovering this information it was determined that she would have been too untrustworthy to be made into an ally of the Spectres.

The last statement to her by a fellow human being was that she should enjoy dealing with the pain and suffering that she gave to others.

The day before the slaying of Samson, Flora was freed from Cordelia and returned to the Dandy temple.

She is now the leader of one faction of Dandies in the power vacuum resulting from Samson’s death. The Spectres are aiding her rise to power.


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