Cult of Locus


We opened the rift in Vigil, and people blindly walked towards it, which is when the new spectres were saved by the Wardens.

Because the Wardens saved some people, this spell failed to summon the power of Scarlett’s father.

The summoning for whatever reason took place in hell 6 years prior to its occurance here on Earth. Thus, Scarlett knew about it before it happened.

Scarlett jumped through the summoning, and was immediately grabbed by the Sera. She ran to the Wardens for protection, and she informed them of the summoning that was going to happen. However, the wardens trapped her in a summoning circle. The wardens were supposed to let her out after they found out if her information was true or not.

Either the information was inaccurate, or the operation failed, and many of the wardens died successfully killing 1, instead of 3, Cultists.

The Wardens proceeded to keep a hold on Scarlett, and tried to kill her numerous times.

The Cult is now after the Spectres because their spell can still be performed so long as all of the spell components are present (or something). We’ve set up traps around the city to lure the Spectres out of hiding.


Cult of Locus

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