Dry and bony.


Cordelia is what the disembodied consciousness of one of Subtle’s childhood playmates calls itself.

Before the Harrowing, Subtle’s Family’s library had secretly also been a School of Psionics. Shortly after the Harrowing the library was attacked by an opposing psionic order or entity and all of the students and masters were slain.

At the time, Cordelia, a prodigy in the school, was experimenting with a technique to separate her consciousness from her body and store it in an artifact. At the time her body was slain, her consciousness was so stored, and thus trapped. When Subtle and Abby found her, Cordelia implored them to find for her a host body to inhabit so she might continue to enjoy the physical comforts and experiences she was denied when her body was slain.

To this end Bing and Subtle delivered to Cordelia the body of Flora. Cordelia demanded that the body be physically beautiful and mentally acute. It is for these reasons that Flora was chosen.


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