I am the other member of the new spectres — the girl. I was rescued after the botched experiment by the Wardens involving ‘Scarlet’.

During a test of Malek’s to help take down an organization that we have been calling “the Dandies”, a botched choice led to my capture. I have apparently been sold to my old parents – who, did I mention? are demons who tortured my brother in front of me all my life. Sabrine most likely orchestrated the sale.

Now, the other members of the new spectres are trying to rescue me. However it’s taken quite some time… a montage has happened and everyone is a year older now.

What, Me survive?

No matter what these Spectres do, I get fucked. Now I’m barfing up Cult bugs, and I might have just poisoned a Sera compound.

My brother has apparently been transformed into something so horrible that Scarlett is terrified to encounter him.

The spectre’s rescued me again. Does this make us even for them getting me into this mess? Well, I have this sweet new vision power now where daylight blinds me but I can see in the dark…. So, tentatively forgiven.



Vigil EvanGRogers