There is no place like home

Wishing we had a pair of ruby slippers

With three wagons full of ore the party ventured forth back to Dandy town. On the yellow brick road the party was confronted by four scarecrow like figures. Bing wasn’t feeling himself that night and so the battle was much harder than it should have been. Upon searching the debris of straw and sticks four names Bing, Harolde, Subtle, and Barduk were found written in cursive on pieces of paper tacked to one of the sticks that held up each scarecrow. Nobody knew the handwriting.

After licking their wounds at a local inn and side stepping a Sabrine distraction they found their way back to Flora. Some talking happened and some things were said. (Subtle, do you remember?)

Billy Blubaugh had the bar up and running with a pretty happening scene. It has yet to be seen if this is just the new hip joint or if he has the gumption to make it last. So far so good on the home front though. Times were busy so the party didn’t have a chance to stop by the orphanage to make sure Mrs. Oliver made it, besides Brooks had been neglected long enough.

The group meandered down to the docks, the last place they knew Brooks to be. A bar keep with a bribe spilled the beans on The Eye’s interest in Brooks, however the bar keep didn’t know where Brooks went. For some reason Subtle wanted to investigate a warehouse that supposedly had a giant brain inside (where do you come up with these things?).

With some investigation it was found that sick humans were visiting the warehouse. Harolde thought it would be best to scope the place out from the rooftop. The climb to the roof didn’t go unnoticed. Shortly after making it up there things started to move. Not liking the idea of being surrounded again Barduk climbed down with everyone following. As the group snuck away from the warehouse a man in a top hat came outside. Subtle being as persuasive as he could tried to talk the man down. Apparently the man had some ability to make Subtle fly! A fight with the zombie like creatures ensued. Eventually Subtle and Harolde found themselves behind shut door inside the warehouse surrounded by four zombies with an invisible top hat man some where!



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