The Siblings Abby

Subtle’s notes:

Abby spoke to me in a dream again. She has split and one of her was coming back to the city. She just needed someone to open a door for her. The event was scheduled for the night of the new moon so we had time to kill so we decided to take a field trip out to a nicer part of town to do some window shopping. We picked a mark and once in the window we were treated to an cornucopia of jewelry, perfumes, and dresses. Moments into the heist a visitor came to the door whistling a familiar tune. Abby’s song, my fears were confirmed. Only a few days had passed since Zoe’s warning of Abby’s Brother and now was our chance to meet him. When the door was answered all that could be heard were the wet, crunchy sounds of slow, terrible murder. An ambush was carefully laid and we listened to his slow footsteps, but our prey made clear that he had no intentions of falling into any traps. He instead went about loudly torturing a new member of the house in an attempt to draw us out. It almost worked but my party mates chickened out so we quietly left.

In the day or so left over we rehearsed our set up and plan for the Davidson job.

The night of the no moon we ventured as planned to Samson’s door to open it for Abby. Harolde decided to abstain from the trip because he no longer trusts Abby. The door opened and out poped Abby naked as the day she was born. Good thing I had recently stolen a dress in her size….



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