The Great Betrayal

Scarlet is Evil, Bing loves Scarlet, is Bing Evil?

Sneakily I walk up to the tower, my friends are inside. Clanging of weapons can be heard, they must be in trouble. The cold blade slips into the back of the guard manning the door. My comrades are deep in battle, there must be fifteen guards in the room! I engage two more guards and begin battle.

Four priests begin changing and the room begins to fill with wasps. Abby turns into a giant snake and eats a priest. Barduk goes down in a heap, one friend dead. Worrying, I call for a tactical switch to make our way to a choke point. Bing screams that we must kill the priests first and makes his way towards one. Subtle, looking worse for wear, makes his way towards another.

The battle continues until an earth quake appears. Scarlet enters the room on the alter. All of her worshipers ends combat and kneels before her. Barduk springs back to life, ah one boon left. Subtle provides her with the requested goods but her father appears before her. After some talking she appears to have lost something, we aren’t sure but she might just be a human. Her father brings Zoe back to life as payment for her assistance in finding Scarlet.

Commotion at the door, it is the rebels! Quick Bing says, we must hide Scarlet for they will want to kill her. Bing, Barduk, Scarlet, and I run upstairs to seek an exit. Bang, the door busts open down stairs. All exits seem to be watched, we are cornered. Subtle and Abby try to hold of the rebels as Bing tries to disguise Scarlet.

Scarlet is trying to understand her new body and why Bing wants her to believe the blood on her new robes are hers. To make the disguise more believable I nick her in the arm to make her bleed. Scarlet, never having felt pain, bellows out. This now is a huge problem. To solve this problem I pounce on Scarlet to shut her up with a slit across the throat. Thus killing her, making us heroes, and solving our problem of escaping this land.

However, my friend or is he, Bing doesn’t see killing Scarlet as our way out, instead he stabs me in the back! After a few more stabbings I fly out of the room from some force. Thud, as I land on the ground wondering what just happened.

I run back inside to try to finish off the task of freeing us of this place. For some reason several people try to stop me and the rebels don’t seem to want to assist me. In fact, the leader of the group has agreed to let Scarlet live if we will take him with us. Why all the other rebels are cool with this is beyond me. Luckily, after a struggle and a bullet in the back from Bing I am able to kill Scarlet. Upon going upstairs to reclaim my dagger I find it missing, who could have taken it?

Back to the boat we go, with a dead corpse, Zoe, and a new stranger to ponder on our way home…



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