The Death of Sabrine and Reunion with Brooks

Subtle's Notes

The plan went off without a hitch, Sabrine was slain as she relaxed in her chair at the Sleeping Dog Corner Club. From a flicker of shadow Malek slit her throat as we made small talk at her arrival.

Her head in a box, we marched to Loraine Davidson‘s house to bestow the good news and negotiate the renewal and expansion of our real estate development deal. A terms were swiftly struck and we were invited to dinner to witness the horrible fate of Sabrine’s head. Loraine, during dinner, unboxed the semi fresh Sabrine and brought her to life. The snarling, disembodied head was frightened and angry. Loraine proceeded then to secure Sabrine in a chest and ordered a servant to “bury her in the basement.” The guests seemed unaccustomed to this sort of behavior from Loraine, and proceeded to ruin the evening by being awkward and trying to escape.

Loraine told us after dinner who Brooks was sold to. We took a trip down to the South Pier where a group of boats were anchored and docked to each other. Boat Town, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Our first night started with wide eyed dreams of saving slaves and Brooks but ended in multiple homicide and explosions. After making some contacts and resting up we returned to discover that Boat Town was on high alert. We decided to talk to Loraine to get more information on the place. She invited us to come watch gladiatorial slave combat aboard the Captains ship. Brooks was the finale battle. Bound in chains and entombed in an iron mask, Brooks bested his opponent, a mountain of a man, without his sight or hearing.

During the partys preceding and after the fight we made contacts so we could return without Loraine. Upon our return we hooked up with a man who organizes the fights. Serendipitously, this man, nick named The Blade, was a member of the The House of Eyes, and was willing to help if he could use us as a reference if Malek ever decided to force him to bargain for his life. With the Blade’s help we gained an audience with the Captain. Bing bought Brooks back from the Captain for the Sera Signet ring he had found in their compound, if you know what I mean.

Sad news too. Zoe is dead, slain by her sister Marta who may have been possessed by the Witch. Barduk sold Marta a tooth from the iron jaw we pulled from the Witch prior to the indecent. I failed to follow up because I believed Zoe’s gift to give her the insight to protect her self. Similarly Abby‘s come ill. The night of the fight she tried opium, I only discouraged her lightly. I failed to prevent her from getting her hands on Malek’s old stash. She threw a fit when she smoked it convulsing and passing out.



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