The Child of Light

Neither a child nor of light, discuss...

With Brooks apparently beyond our reach we decided we were overdue for our Saintsbridge preparations. As our favorite way to be is unseen we decided to begin our survey with the labyrinthine sewer system below the streets.

The maps scribed by Harolde appear previous to this log entry.

Under streets teeming with maddened citizens were tunnels reflecting the condition of the surface in macabre fashion. Half eaten bodies, distant screams, a hall of skulls. The first night we discovered a waterfall. Conducting the usual tests on the dark, watery hole, we were surprised when a scroll tube was tossed up from the darkness. Inside was a crumpled canvas, a painting, one of the paintings Brooks had been charged with selling. Excitement at finding our friend at last emboldened our efforts. In minutes we had an impaled Brooks out of the waterfall and into the sewer. Rather, we had a creature who appeared to be Brooks. The doppelganger’s guise was convincing until we began talking. He apologized for the ruse and identified himself. He had been exiled by his people to the cave we found him in after he had a disagreement with his clan leader and had spent decades or more in the hole. Thinking that a shape-shifter might be a useful friend we decided to put him up at The House of Pillars.

Eventually we discovered tunnels leading directly into the under-structure of the Saint’s Bridge. At first we discovered a long forgotten tower access to one of the highest vantages in the city, exciting at first but then we discovered the back door to our target’s lair. We explored the home of our enemy until we were chased out by the captives we’d freed.

Our second day of explorations taught us something interesting. A time dilatation similar to that of the Silent Gardens District seems to grip the sewers under Saintsbridge. Citizens are hunted and murdered by entities outside of normal time and seem to relive the events days later. Trophies mark the victims, balls of their own hair found in the mouth.

We felt the confidence we needed to ask Flora to prepare for her first, and hopefully last, salty retort to Brother Gregory. She asked for four days to prepare and mobilize her army.

In the down time we pulled off an impromptu heist in a clockwork district known as the Mezzanine. The account appears subsequent to this telling in the log.

The battle for the sovereignty of Dandy Town was almost disappointingly simple thanks in no small part to our shadow-sister, Abby. In the finish Gregory escaped despite our efforts, confused and ponderous about our ability to evade his defenses.



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