Starting on the Witch

With the Cult of the Child of Light more or less defeated the Spectres had a chance to sift through the surviving prisoners. One of the prisoners was the blacksmiths wife’s husband, The Blacksmith! The Spectre’s decided to walk him home. The mining district is closer to Barduk‘s home than the Necropolis so our hero’s traveled there to find out more about their mysterious friend.

What they discovered startled everyone, including Barduk. Scarecrows, identical to those that had attacked our heros previously. More interestingly it seemed as though the village had grown 20 years older in his absence. In their quest for answers the Spectres discovered two major players in town, the family Liddle, and a woman who became known as the Witch. The witch was of little value and the Liddles little more. So a plan was devised to break into house Liddle. After an exhaustive search our heros stumbled upon Zoe Liddle, the youngest of the sisters Liddle and apparently the speaker of the house. After a telling conversation the Spectres mistakenly dismissed the girl as just a girl with creepy powers and asked her to make sure her older sisters got in touch with them. After a tense meeting with one of the older sisters we met again with Zoe. After a long walk in the woods and a talk with The Grey Man the pieces were beginning to fall into place. Barduk had been a woodsman years ago but had since died and be recreated by the witch. It is likely that his original design was subverted when he was sent to aid us. By similar process the witch had been animating scarecrows to send as assassins. Bing, The Grey Man and Zoe, each independently confirmed that the witch was a threat to humanity and nature itself So an ambush was devised and sprung.

The witch was a fearsome and terrible enemy not only to gaze upon, or to waft odors from, but in that her vice like jaw was lined with sharp metal teeth and her house came alive and ate Malek. After a long grizzly battle both sides were looking ill for the decisions that had gotten them into this situation, when suddenly the witch disappeared into the ground and skeletons grew up from the ground. The Specters engaged the Skeletons!



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