New Quest, the other guards

Houses of Order are expanding

We talked with Flora and cooled the Malak/Flora fight over. We talked about the guards pushing out from Houses of Order with Flora and she said she noticed them but didn’t have anything to add. We then spied on some guards in the Houses of Order district. There is a court building and a prison for forced labor camps within the district. The mages guild’s home base is within this district but don’t seem to be related at all.

Inside the forced labor camp they are building weapons, armor, and making stacks upon stacks of bricks. We found this troubling.

We stalked the outskirts of the Houses of Order area to find out more information. This turned out to not be very fruitful except for presenting an opportunity for us to snag some disguises. So then it was decided we would create a diversion, sneak into one of the buildings housing guards on the outskirts of town, and grab some disguises. Unfortunately Bing was no where to be found so we went looking for him instead.



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