Finishing off the witch

and planning for the future.

….as the skeletons went down the house took off flying presumably with Malek inside. We wandered through the woods trying to find the house. Finding Zoe instead, she said she knew where the house was but would need to pack some things to make our way there.

Taking her and her sister we walked off for 3 days to the north east. Walking upon a pillar of ruins that is apparently an old battle site. According to Zoe, the ghosts make people go crazy. According to the grey man, the spirits worshiped a being of great vanity whose gaze could drive men to madness. Sometimes the grey man would see mad men walk through the forest to the ruins, but they never came back..scary. So we avoided the ruins and traveled some more. Eventually we come upon the house on a hill deep in swampy woods.

We entered the home reluctantly. The house was twisted and confusing. We stumbled upon the missing little sister, Marda.
She had obviously been tortured and a little brain washed. We cut her ropes lose. Wandered around the maze for awhile until we came upon a circle of stones in a clearing.

The stones began to talk, it was the witch. She attempted to negotiated with us to leave her alone if she left everyone in our party alone. However, She didn’t seem to want to leave the grey man alone. So Justin taunted her causing her to come out of the shadows and attack him. A fight ensued. Upon killing her we appeared outside, some place for away. We built a fire and burned her corpse.

Zoe said we were far away and led us to Malek, he was in a hole. We pulled him out of the hole and began the hike home. On the way we summoned the grey man. Harolde and Bing hung out with the grey man learning about him and his forest. The grey man is not the only custodian out there but he didn’t really have much to say about the others. The grey man showed Harolde how to summon him in the future, in case he was needed. After a few days of talking about his awesome powers we headed back to the little house.

Justin decided we should gain two more orphans. Zoe and Marda took up the offer and joined us at the orphanage. We stopped by the blacksmith on the way back for Justin to custom order some stuff. We stopped at the bar and then wandered into Dandy town.

Dandy town was getting cleaned up. Flora plans to execute Cyril…

After that we had some discussions on how to best kill Sabrine. The best plan was to get her to come to our bar where we would ambush her with Malek.



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