Dear Diary

Dear Diary-

Miss Netta told me that I should keep a diary to talk about my days and nights and the bad dreams I’ve been having. She secretly thinks that lots of the stories I tell aren’t real, that my sister Myrta isn’t real, that I make up stories about the places that are under us here at the pillar house. She thinks that if I write about these things in here it will be easy for me to separate fact from fiction. Still, it was nice of her to give me the diary and the pens, so I will write in it anyways.

I’ve made some new friends here, even though I don’t get to play with them as often as I wish. I spend so much time in school, having brain talks with Cordelia (She pretends to be two people but she is really just one), and taking care of Myrta that all of my time gets all gobbled up! I think Myrta is sad after spending all those days and days with the witch. She just sits in the corner of our room like a squirrel and watches me sleep or study. Sometimes she disappears and comes back with old books that she says she found in the cat combs. She made me promise a long time ago not to read her thoughts but sometimes it’s hard to keep that promise because I am so worried. And people here don’t seem to even see her! But she says she likes it that way. I hope she gets better soon. Her laughing was one of my favorite noises. Also tree frogs.

Sometimes I watch my friends the specters. One of them can even have brain talks with me sometimes, but Cordelia says he is mostly a mover. Then there is Abbey, I can’t see her thoughts but I can tell she is very very sad and scared, even when she is smiling. I wish I could tell her to cheer up because she is going to be reunited with her brother soon! He misses her so much I can tell. Just a little bit ago they were trying to help people on a town made out of boats! There are lots of bad men in the boaty town, and a few bad things that look like men but aren’t.

In the boaty town they got their friend Elaine to show them around. Lots of the people there are scared of her, and they had lots of people watching them. They stood around and talked with people in fancy hats in a fancy boat bar, and were eventually shown into a place on the big boat that is harder for me to see. They had to watch people hurt each other for a long time before they got to see their friend Brooks, who danced on the head of a big scary man. Then the men took him into a jail cell and gave him food.

That reminds me that I should sneak down to the kitchen and get some food for Myrta. She isn’t here right now, but I hope it will make her happy to have some bread and cheese waiting for her when she gets back. Hopefully it will make her feel better and I will get to hear her laugh!



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